Strategic Analyst

Job Description:

Your Role:
• A go-getter who will work with the top management to make the business super-efficient through
process-based execution.
• To solve complex issues in the most creative and organized manner
• Enabling the teammates to achieve their best and beyond though a system with proper checks and
Your Responsibilities:
• Act as a strategic partner of the rubber team and identify new ways to increase footprint
• Conduct ROI studies and suggest go no go decision to the management
• Act as the project manager for any new strategic project initiative taken on the by Rubber team
• Assist in analysis of co-financing/co-investing opportunities
• Analyze business trends and identify areas of improvements
• Be the link between the operations team and the management team
• Suggest ways to positively impact the top line and the bottom line of the rubber business
• Monitor work happening at the ground level and raise red flags in time.
• Identify areas of growth, assist in setting short(1yr) & midterm (5yr) goals for the business
• Build a roadmap to achieve those goals
• Responsible for execution of the growth plans
• Act as a catalyst; ensure the ball is kept moving forward, bust block where required
• Build project teams and oversee implementation
• Bring in cross-functional/departmental participation if needed
• Keep management team updated on the status of the 12month growth plan
What we are looking for:
• Strong business acumen, analytical skills, and problem-solver in creative ways
• Proactive to identify and focus on priorities without letting perfection halt progress
• An excellent communicator with an ability to explain complex issues in lay man terms
• Contributes eagerly, learns continuously and alwayslooksfor improvement in people & process
• Understandsthe complexity that comes with being a collaborative with clients, team, consultants, and
all other stakeholders & applies strategic thinking at all levels
Required Experience & Qualifications:
• Proven experience identifying and analyzing complex and interlinked business issues
• Experience in managing teams and juggling different skillsets and personalities
• Preferably MBA Finance or CS or both with 7+ years of operational experience.
Job Location: Jodhpur

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