Network Engineer L2

Job Description:

• Hands On Devices: JUNIPER MX960, Juniper EX devices, JUNIPER SRX 220 FW, Mikrotik routers, Huawei Switches.
• Knowlegde about Internet-Exchange, Route-server.
• Good working knowledge on routing protocol, BGP, BGP filters, BGP community, peering. Helping peer member in BGP configuration.• Configuring BGP on Bird route server, IXP manager and troubleshooting the same.
• MPLS OSFP VLPS configuration on juniper devices.• Good working LACP – Etherchannel, Trunk, Access port.
• Working knowledge of DWDM, CWDM and various other fiber technology.
• Working in rotation shift, Working as a team.
• Occasionally Visiting Sites for maintenance work.

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