Job Description:

We are looking for Head of Export Operationsto be posted at one of our associate companies based in Jodhpur
(INDIA) to handle business operations & utilizing the resources in the most efficient manner.
Your Role:
• A go-getter who will work with the top management to make the business super efficient through
process-based execution.
• To solve complex issues in the most creative and organized manner
• Enabling the teammates to achieve their best and beyond though a system with proper checks and
Your Responsibilities:
• Providing accurate and timely reports outlining the operational condition of the business
• Running business operations smoothly & efficiently while keeping the processes intact
• Develop new processes to handle the dynamism of the business
• Working closely with the top management to create, implement and roll out plans for operational
processes, internal infrastructures, and reporting systems
What we are looking for:
• Strong business acumen, analytical skills, and problem-solver in creative ways
• Proactive to identify and focus on priorities without letting perfection halt progress
• People-focused and holds leadership qualities to bring out the best in people
• An excellent communicator with an ability to explain complex issues in lay man terms
• Contributes eagerly, learns continuously and always looks for improvement in people & process
• Understands the complexity that comes with being a collaborative with clients, team, consultants, and
all other stakeholders & applies strategic thinking at all levels
Required Experience & Qualifications:
• Proven experience identifying and analyzing complex and interlinked business issues
• Experience in managing teams and juggling different skillsets and personalities
• Preferably MBA or CA or both with 7+ years of operational experience in export/import trading
• Well versed with international logistics, sales/purchase/payment contracts, Incoterms & laws/license
for different countries
Job Location: Jodhpur

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