Direct Taxation Executive-Gurgaon

Job Description:

Job Responsibilities-

1.Tax Compliance:
Ensure compliance with all applicable direct tax laws and regulations.
Review and prepare tax returns, ensuring accuracy and timely filing.
Keep abreast of changes in tax laws and regulations to ensure ongoing compliance.

2.Tax Planning:
Develop and implement tax planning strategies to optimize the organization’s tax position.
Identify opportunities for tax savings and efficiencies within the legal framework.

3.Risk Management:
Assess and manage tax risks associated with the organization’s operations and transactions.
Implement effective risk mitigation strategies to minimize potential tax liabilities.

4.Financial Reporting:
Work closely with the finance and accounting teams to ensure accurate reporting of tax-related information in financial statements.
Provide support for external audits and examinations by tax authorities.

Key Skills required-

1. TDS Returns

2. Tax Returns

3. Scrutiny

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