Credit underwriter

Job Description:

Key Deliverables:

Credit limit underwriting – may include domestic market and/or non-domestic including political risk markets.
• Responsible for approving new cover/bond and assessing risk exposure of potential new cover/bond
• Applies underwriting principles and procedures where the company is considering underwriting new risk or modifying existing contracts/buyers
• Manages standard and/or non standard risk portfolio (e.g. in a structured finance environment)
• Applies analyst knowledge and principles to identify and manages portfolio exposure
• Responsible for setting underwriting strategy for each known buyer group/buyer/sector/country portfolio/class of risk/customer/holding
• Responsible for setting of standard and review limits/renew bonding lines and setting and maintaining risk scores/ratings on buyers within delegated authorities
• Responsible for compliance with internal procedures including recording of decisions for use by both internal and external customers
• Responsible for monitoring the development of the portfolio and modification of buyer underwriting risk management approach in the assessment of risks
• Ensures proactive action is taken to compensate for economic upturns or downturns on a market, industry or sector basis, in order to optimize the claims ratio

Salary: As per standards

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