Business Excellence – Strategic Initiatives

Job Description:

Manager/ Sr Manager
Location Mumbai
Brief Background of the Job
Business Excellence function aims to drive high Business/ Customer impact projects
delivering process transformation and quality improvement across business
functions. In above position candidate would need to liaison with Senior
management team and business SPOCs across departments to drive strategic
projects and handle oversight and development of corporate strategies to support
business growth and stability.
Roles and Responsibilities
 Review and recommend improvements to existing business strategies.
 Develop business presentations to management when required.
 Work with the team to develop innovative business techniques and models.
 Identify business gaps and propose corrective actions.
 Recommend business improvements based on market and competitive
 Perform root cause analysis of potential problems and provide effective
 Develop business cases based on business analytics and competitive
 Develop business plan and complete all due diligence activities.
 Collaborate with various departments to collect business data to complete
timely analysis.
 Perform business analysis and reporting to management for decision making
 Support in driving strategic projects
Skill set required
 Knowledge of Project management
 Understanding of Capital Markets
 Good knowledge and understanding of modern technology
 Certification in Green Belt Six Sigma, Lean Methodology preferred
 Proficiency in data analysis and representation using tools like Excel, Word
and PowerPoint
 Good communication and interpersonal skills

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